On Being Kind to Your Creativity

Hey there friends! It’s been a while. My life has been a bit crazy lately, which I am so very grateful for, but has kept me from finding writing inspiration. Guess what? That’s a-okay. Inspiration isn’t something that can be forced, and I think that’s something worth talking about.

There are a ton of life activities that you can muddle your way through without being truly inspired or motivated, and they turn out just fine. We tend to enjoy large quantities of things, because we’re used to having something new churned out to us minute after minute, day after day (thank you world wide web). The thing we all need to realize is that it is more than okay to take a break. Find new inspiration by finding yourself or discovering something new.

Today, conveniently, my inspiration is my prior lack of inspiration! How weird is that? I noticed it had been a while since I felt inspired to write something, and that inspired me to write something. The world is a crazy place, isn’t it?

When you’re not feeling creative or you’re having trouble pursuing your craft, remember these few things to keep you from going insane (and potentially really losing all that creativity buried just under the surface):

  1. Take a step back. Grab a cup of coffee and go for a walk. Listen to the sounds of the world around you. Just take in the world without expecting it to do anything for you, and breathe.
  2. Think about all of the amazing things you have created or done recently. For me, I wrote a lot of poems and took some photos that I was happy with. I didn’t write a ton of great blog posts, but I journaled and created every day patiently until I felt creativity for blogging creep back into my brain.
  3. Go look at things by other people who have inspired you in the past. Read blogs that made you want to start a blog, go check out your favorite photographer’s Instagram, or find a book by the author you love most. Allow yourself the chance to fall back in love with yourself and the work you want to do. Then throw caution to the wind and put it out into the world!

Sometimes it’s a long process, but creativity will work its way back into your life if you don’t forget about it completely. Maybe you’ll end up writing a blog post about writing blog posts. Maybe you’ll discover a new creative passion. Who knows?



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