Morning Inspiration

We’re not all morning people. I get that. Still, there’s no reason to hate on mornings! They offer a new chance and a new day. They offer a fresh start and they provide the world with a ton of beauty, if you’re willing to wake up and smell the coffee! If you need a little bit of inspiration to get you started on loving mornings, check out this list of amazing things you experience by becoming a morning person!

  1. The view of a sunrise (definitely better than a sunset in my opinion, because even the sun is getting a fresh start that day!)
  2. The sound of peace and quiet. By getting up before everyone else, you get to enjoy the sound of silence (cue Simon & Garfunkel). Honestly, it’s so tranquil and serene. Try it out.
  3. Solitude. You get time to yourself. Nobody is up to bother you with questions, so you have time to do whatever makes you happy with no interruptions.
  4. The smell of morning dew. It smells so clean and fresh, like the world reset overnight.
  5. Time to eat breakfast. You can actually sit down and enjoy a delicious meal (accompanied by the above) and kick start your metabolism for an amazing day after a mindful morning!

Get up, get going, and get excited. Mornings are made just for you!



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