Self Care for the Tough Times

Sometimes, it’s really difficult to remember how to take care of yourself when you’re going through something difficult in life, regardless of what that something is. Basic things like eating and sleeping can become very difficult, but if you care for yourself in the right way, you can overcome these and gain your happiness back. Here’s a few things I’ve learned through my own experiences on how to stay sane and build back happiness when times are tough:

  1. Be gentle with yourself. Expecting to feel better overnight is just going to make you feel bad when you don’t. Accept that you’re feeling a bit low now, but also accept the truth that it will get better if you give it the time to.
  2. Call someone you feel comfortable and happy talking to. Maybe it’s your mom, your brother, or your best friend. Just call someone who can distract you from yourself for a little while. Talking it out will help you to feel some relief, and the company of others (even when they are far away) can work wonders.
  3. Listen to the music that makes you want to work out (even if you don’t actually work out). Exercise music is meant to be motivational and fueling, so sometimes just listening to it can make you feel more inspired to get through your day.
  4. Drink and eat even when you don’t really want to. Even if you’re just taking a few sips of water and nibbling on some dry cheerios, your body will feel much better if you nourish it. It might be tough to eat vegetables or proteins, but little snacks can improve how you feel both physically and mentally.
  5. Make plans (even if you don’t want to do them right this second). Give yourself a reason to leave your house and maybe even something to look forward to!

No matter what is going on, remember that you are important. Treat yourself like your best friend would treat you. Accept your feelings and allow them to fizzle out all on their own. Be honest with yourself and you will grow into a happier and healthier person because of it.

With love,



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