Oh My…Croissant?

First things first, I want to share with you that I decided to come up with this post on a whim, because this morning I discovered the most amazing thing: I love croissants (good croissants, anyway). I was pretty sure I didn’t enjoy these french pastries, but now I realize that I must have just never eaten a really good one before.

A few weeks ago, I brought a friend of mine to barre class with me for her free trial of it, and after we sweat our little butts off and worked to get stronger, she asked me if I would join her for some delicious baked goods at her favorite place for breakfast, a place called Cafe Besalu. Evidently, this place is famous and exists right down the street from me, but I had never heard of it before and had plans, so I agreed to walk with her and stand in line. The line at this place was so long I ended up having to leave before she even got to order, but I vowed to myself that I would return someday and try these amazing pastries I had heard all about.

In the day and age we live in, of course my next move was to go to the internet to figure out what the heck I even wanted to order once I went, and I heard so many raving reviews about their croissants that come with homemade jelly! I decided that when I finally frequented this lovely little famous cafe, I would have to at least try a croissant, and also order another pastry (after waiting in line, I just had to make sure I ordered enough, right?).

Today, I finally decided to go. I set an intention last night to get there after my morning workout, and I packed a purse before I went to barre so that I could go straight there and hopefully avoid some of the line. Something told me that going at 10am on a Saturday morning was not going to be the ideal time to try and get a short line, so I thought the earlier, the better. After waiting in line for a little while, I finally got to the pastry case. I decided I would order two croissants, a blueberry danish, and an Americano (their espresso is also raved about – this place is just amazing overall I guess). I got it all to go, and walked briskly home to dig into my newly purchased treats.

They were amazing!!! I downed the croissant almost immediately, and my first bite told me everything I needed to know. Evidently, I really like croissants. This one was a perfect buttery, flaky mix, but it still tasted light and airy, not heavy with the density of butter. I don’t know how they do it, but I swear it’s magical. The danish was just as good. So much blueberry, all clearly fresh and perfectly sticky, and a nice cup of coffee washed all of it down so nicely. I’m almost ready to wait in line again just to get more.

Anyway, this post sounds quite a bit like a review, but I wanted to share this amazing experience with you wonderful people and point out that if you don’t think you like something, maybe you just haven’t had a good one of that thing yet! Also, don’t forget to spoil yourself with amazing things every once in a while. It feels incredible!

Have you had any similar experiences or suggestions? Comment below and let us know! //


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