Stay True to YOU!

Last week, I took my first two acting classes at an amazing studio, and since then, I’ve been working on learning more about how I feel in different situations, and finding what feels true to me in various circumstances. We all are the stars of our own show, and everybody else is just playing their part in our story of life, so it’s important to know who we are. It doesn’t matter if it’s an exercise routine, a meditation practice, or an acting class – owning who you are and taking your practice into your own hands is key in finding success in it.

I am still working on this, I promise you. I am nowhere near perfect, but the journey of discovering who I am underneath all that I’ve learned throughout life is fulfilling and puts me more in touch with my body and mind on an everyday basis, which has reduced my daily stress level by a decent amount. For example, I’ve been meditating daily for a little while now, just for five minutes in the morning. I am not always able to stay focused and mindful, and my thoughts will wander as I get nudged by my dog or I hear a weird noise outside. Knowing that this happens and that it is okay helps me to return to the present moment and continue my meditation rather than giving it up because I “failed” that day.

Another area of life in which I have found help in being mindful is in exercise. The mind-body connection is real, people! I used to think everything needed to be perfect for me to get a good workout in, and I thought I needed to hate it. Now, thinking about grounding down through my feet and drawing my attention to the muscles I am working helps me to deepen my practice, and knowing when to modify moves based on how my body is feeling helps me to feel empowered and gentle with myself. Nothing is perfect all of the time, and drawing awareness to how I react to these situations sometimes is calming and changes my reaction altogether!

How do you stay true to who you are in your daily life? What makes you feel empowered and strong? Comment below or email to answer and potentially be featured in a future post!

Have a lovely #SelfCareSunday, and stay true to YOU!



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