Lessons Learned from a Day Off

Now that some major tax deadlines are finally behind us, I was determined to take a day off of work so that I could catch up on life and have a little “me” time. I’ve always struggled with taking days off, because the break in routine causes me to be mostly unproductive the entire day, leaving me feel less refreshed and more frustrated than I plan on. This time, I was adamant that I was going to have not just a good day off, but a great day off. It worked. Here are some things I learned from taking a full day to just appreciate my own company:

  1. Screens are the root most of my time-wasting habits, and kicking myself off of my phone for a few hours to read a book or take a walk felt rejuvenating. I was very lucky to have a sunshine-filled day to myself, so I didn’t look at my phone until 3pm!
  2. Spending some time tidying up is productive and gives you a nice place to relax in once you’re done, but it’s important to stop cleaning and start enjoying after a certain point. Historically, I will clean our entire apartment on my days off, because I love feeling productive and I enjoy living in a clean and organized space. I used to spend far too much time actually cleaning, and far less time enjoying (especially considering our little pup Sandy likes to shred her toys all over the place anyway). Cutting myself off from too much cleaning to go for another walk in the sun was helpful to my enjoyment of the day, but didn’t hurt my feeling of productivity.
  3. Do something you don’t usually get a chance to do, so it feels more like a day off. I usually go to class at the barre3 studio in our building in the evenings after I get off work, with the exception of the early morning weekend classes. I usually take Friday as a rest day, but this past Friday I enjoyed a workout at 9:30am with one of my great friends instructing and the sunlight pouring into the studio. It was a perfect time for a workout, and I left feeling energized and ready to love the rest of my day!
  4. Use this time to cook something! I never cook. If we have a meal, Stanley is usually the chef in our home. Being home with myself gave me the opportunity to stink the house out with some vegetables, and I truly enjoyed eating them. I made some eggs with a whole bunch of peppers and onions and enjoyed every delicious second of my breakfast-for-lunch. It was exciting to branch out from my main go-to of mashed potatoes and corn!
  5. Making yourself a priority feels amazing, and getting a chance to embrace the sunlight helps. I took three or four walks to different places throughout the day, attached to the end of Sandy’s leash. For once, though, these walks were for me rather than for her, and that change of mindset helped me to enjoy them more than ever. We walked past gorgeous trees and flowers and soaked up some vitamin D. I took so many photos (check out my Instagram @lemon.bass.drop to see!) and can’t wait for another day off to fill with enriching moments.

What are your tips for having the best-ever day off? Share below or email to share your ideas!



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