Embracing Your Inner Child

As a child, I spent a lot of time outdoors, playing games, riding bikes and pretending the floor was lava. I read books often and for pleasure and ran my little heart out until I was exhausted from all the fun by the end of the day. I spoke in fake accents and pretended to be my favorite characters from books and TV. I danced and sang and didn’t care who was around or what they thought. I thought everything was possible, magic was real, and nobody could convince me otherwise.

When we’re young, we spend a lot of time developing ourselves through play and human-to-human interactions. Why does that stop for so many of us as we get older? We spend time sitting in desks to work and then sitting on the couch to veg out in front of our TVs at night. It feels so robotic and inhuman, like we’re in some sci-fi movie. So many people are unhappy with their lives, but few of us try to change anything. We eat too much and move too little. We live for the weekend, but we don’t play. We spend weekends worrying about the coming Monday. We settle and tell ourselves that we can’t have it all.

Personally, I’ve decided that I can have it all. I’ve signed up for singing lessons, joined an acting studio, am taking online classes, and am trying to get a second job at the studio I exercise at. I know I will be busy, but I’m determined to find things that I love doing and do those things with intention. I feel amazing. I am energized, and I’m excited about something every day. My morning routine has become more of a habit, and things that used to affect me and make me feel angry now seem much less important. I am crowding out the negative with the positive. This stuff works.

Be present and intentional about finding joy, because you deserve it! If you can’t come up with something that makes you feel psyched to be alive, think back to the things you loved doing as a child, and try focusing on doing one of those things in your adult life. Take a dance class, paint something, write a poem, or sing a song. Do whatever makes you happy. Design the life you want, and add joy to your every day. Find your sunshine and share it with the world. Live a life that makes you wake up feeling like shouting “hell yes!” instead of groaning and hitting snooze.

You are your own sunshine; the world is merely a reflection. //




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