Making Lemonade

Hey guys! Some of you may know that I work for an accounting firm, so the beginning of this week was pretty busy for me. A lot of us forget how to nourish our bodies and minds during periods of stress, so I wanted to share a few things that I did to keep myself from burning out as tax day approached.

  1. I drank a ton of water! It kept me seriously hydrated, which helped me to stay awake and alert as things got busy! I wanted to keep track of my water intake, so I kept a tally in my planner – simple, yet effective! Plus, writing it in light blue pen made it feel more beautiful.
  2. I wrote in a journal first thing in the morning. I didn’t use a prompt or attempt anything complex, because I wanted to be gentle with my mind; however, I still felt that it was important to express myself in some way. For the first few minutes of my morning, I wrote 3 things that I could do to make my day great. Then, at the end of the day, I checked off which things I accomplished from that list. It was very rewarding, and gave me something personal to focus on during a time when my focus landed heavily on work.
  3. I said positive things out loud, to other people. Trying to help others stay positive in turn helped me stay positive, and surrounding myself with positive energy allowed me to feel happy rather than bogged down.

The most important thing I did for myself during these few days was treating myself like I would treat a friend. If I missed out on writing one day or thought negative thoughts, I tried to be kind to my mind and forgive myself. We all make mistakes, and we’re all just little humans trying to find our best selves in the world! Every day is an opportunity to grow!

What are some things you do to stay energetic and filled with life? ~


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