Doing Little Things to Improve Your Life

So many people think about becoming healthier or happier and immediately think it involves an entire lifestyle re-do. That makes it so overwhelming and frustrating to work through, so why do so many of us do it? We’re taught for so long (whether directly or indirectly) that working hard for something will lead us to great results. Ever heard of “no pain, no gain?” I’m here to tell you that improving your life does not need to involve a bunch of major life changes. There are so many little things you can do each day to improve your health, both mentally and physically.

I’ve been making a conscious effort to add some little things to my life to make me feel more fulfilled and joyous each day. Here are some of the things I’ve done this week to make myself feel more content and full of life:

  1. I added a lemon to my water. It’s like a little piece of sunshine in my glass, and it makes me feel more energized every time I take a sip!
  2.  I started a regular meditation practice, even if it’s just for 5 minutes in the morning. Taking some time to be present in my body has made me feel more like my true self every day.
  3. I found one thing to listen to or read that made me feel inspired every day. In my personal life, most of this inspiration has come through the Inside Acting podcast (if you’re interested in performing or connecting to yourself on a higher level, it’s a great listen).
  4. I’ve made a conscious effort to stay hydrated each day. I mark a tally in my planner every time I finish a glass of water, and fueling my body through hydration has made me feel more full and energetic throughout the day!
  5. Last one, I promise. I started taking walks during lunch. There’s a city park near where I work, and everything is in full bloom right now. Taking these walks gets me away from my desk, gets me moving, and gives me an experience that makes me excited to be alive. If you want to see a few pictures from my walks this week, check out my Instagram (@lemon.bass.drop).

All of these little changes have added to my life in a positive way, and have helped me to gain joy in what used to feel like monotony in my life. Of course, these experiences are specific to me, and may not work for everyone, so I’d love to hear your awesome ideas and tips!

What are some of the little things you do each day that make you feel fulfilled and happy?



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