A Little Bit of Sunshine

My mornings start off pretty similarly each day. I get woken up by my ridiculously early rising dog, feed her and walk her, eat some breakfast, and get ready for my day. Recently, I’ve been starting to add a small little five minute meditation in there to try and prepare my mind for the day to come, and to find a bit of peace in my usual routine. I don’t follow anything specific. I just sit for five minutes listening to rainy day sounds until “ding!” a bell alerts me to open my eyes and return to reality. If you haven’t tried a little bit of meditation yet, I definitely suggest giving it a try! There are so many different kinds out there, so there’s bound to be one that works for you! I hope to build up my minutes someday, but starting small has me in a place where I feel focused and confident, and I know that this will help me to build my mindfulness practice as days go on. Here are some of the different ways I’ve heard of (please comment if you have more – I’m no expert!):

  1. Meditation through an app (the two that pop into my mind are Calm.com and Headspace)
  2. Body scan meditation (basically focus your mind on each part of your body and feel whatever is going on there)
  3. Repeating a mantra as you meditate (chanting to yourself a mantra or saying that makes you feel strong and confident)
  4. There’s also some fun visual ones that I’ve tried, like breathing colors or envisioning a beam of light through the center of your body

Have you tried mindfulness meditation? What was your experience like?


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