The Comeback!

Evidently, March is the month when I enjoy blogging the most. I just looked back on this blog and realized that the last post I ever made was TWO years ago! Time really does fly when you’re having fun. I’m coming back, but with a little bit more fun and a little bit less textbook!

I’ve been up to quite a bit in the last two years, which has helped to widen my perspective on wellness past the textbook stuff that you can learn from, well, a textbook. Since my last post, I taught a second grade class filled with so many shining faces that caused me both a lot of joy and a lot of agony, moved across the country to start a new job in a new city, learned how to connect with my body in a less miserable way, decided to take singing classes and rekindle my love for performing, and launched myself back into the world of blogging. Oh, I’m also taking some accounting classes. I’m definitely keeping myself busy. Stay tuned for things I’ve learned about wellness as it relates to life as a whole!

What have you all been up to? I’d love to hear!


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