Achieving Your Healthy Lifestyle One Step at a Time

When you’re trying to start living a healthier lifestyle, it’s easy to get carried away and do too much to soon. Maybe you cut your food intake down way too far, or completely cut sweets out of your life. Maybe you work out as hard as you can for as long as you can every day. I’ve certainly fallen victim to overdoing it at the beginning, and it’s important to realize that in beginning anything new, it’s important to start at the beginning. If you do, you’ll avoid injuries, burnout, and overtraining, all of which can cause your new, healthy lifestyle to come screeching to a halt!

If you’re trying to change your diet: Don’t eliminate all sweets or comfort foods from your diet, just try to replace a few of your comfort foods with healthier options. Move in your new healthier direction slowly, and give your body time to adapt without making a major change.

If you’re trying to cut down a bit on your caloric intake: Try starting off by just eliminating one high-calorie, low-nutrient food source from your diet (for most people, eliminating soda, juice, or alcoholic beverages will cut down calories dramatically).

If you’re trying to become physically active: Don’t assume if you don’t see all of the changes your body is going through right away. Most of the changes in the first 8 weeks are just your brain and your body figuring out how to communicate with each other and remember how to do these exercises! After that, you may start to see small, subtle changes in your body (but it’s hard for people to notice subtle changes in their own bodies, so don’t stress if you can’t see it). Remember that consistency is more important than intensity, so keep your exercise routine simple and do-able so that you’ll enjoy it and keep going back to do more! Over time, increase your difficulty, but realize that nobody starts out as an Olympic weightlifter. You’ll get to your goals, but it will take time, and it’s important to learn correctly and enjoy it!

Good luck with whatever your goals are, and remember that health is a lifestyle best achieved little by little and consistently!



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