The Myth Behind the Fat-Free Diet

Today, I’m going to share some news with you: your fat-free ice cream will probably not help you lose weight at all. For a while now, people have tried going on fat-free diets to lose weight, but what they don’t realize is that when food manufacturers take the natural fat out of a food, they have to replace it with something. Guess what that thing is: sugar.

Do you know what happens to sugar inside your body? You convert it to saturated fat. By taking the fats out of a food and replacing them with sugar, you’re doing absolutely nothing for your body except making more fat.

The best way to decide what food to eat is to think of what is the closest that food can get to it’s natural form. Milk will naturally have fat in it, so if you’re eating a milk product that they’ve taken the fat out of, it’s highly likely that they replaced any milk fat with extra sugar, so that the food will still taste good to you.

Another thing to consider before going on a low-fat or non-fat diet is that your body actually requires 10-35% of fat in your diet per day, and that many fats exist that are extremely good for you. These fats come from plants, and are usually referred to on nutrition labels as “unsaturated fats.” You can get these fats from plant oils, avocados, seeds, nuts, legumes, and coconut oils, and they actually benefit your body and help it to run effectively! However, you don’t have to avoid saturated fats completely – it’s okay to have some in your diet, as long as they’re not excessive (remember, our bodies can make their own saturated fats, so it’s not actually necessary for us to take them in – they just taste good!).

If there is one fat you should definitely avoid, it’s trans fat. The issue with this is that it’s actually difficult to know in today’s market whether a food has trans fat in it or not! Many food companies that use trans fats shrink their serving size of food so low that they are not required to list the trans fat on the nutrition label! If you want to be smart, you can know that any food product that lists “hydrogenated oils” or “partially hydrogenated oils” on the ingredients list uses trans fat. This is the case for many brands of peanut butter, margarine and processed sweets, as well as other foods. Also, no matter what kind of ground beef you buy, you are buying a product that has trans fat in it (it’s listed on the label), and are increasing your risk of heart disease by doing so.


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