Spring Break(fast) Day 4

Today we’re going to talk about a friend of your body’s called fiber. Fiber is an amazing ingredient in the food we eat, because it helps our bodies to digest the food we consume more effectively and efficiently, so nothing sits around inside us for too long. It helps speed everything up, and even helps us to deal with sugar, so our insulin superheroes don’t have to work as hard as usual! Fiber even helps us feel fuller! Luckily for us,  fiber is evident in a lot of foods, so you shouldn’t need to take any fiber pills or supplements to get enough fiber in a day.

Here’s how much fiber you should get in a day:

Men under age 50: 38g

Women under age 50: 25g

Men over age 50: 30g

Women over age 50: 21g

Unfortunately, most Americans don’t meet the amount of fiber they need in a day, because you’re not going to find too much fiber in junk foods. When we eat breakfast, we can actually get a lot of our daily fiber, just by paying attention to what we’re feeding ourselves. Some foods that contain significant amounts of fiber are: any fruit with skin (whole apples, all berries, plums, etc.), oatmeal (but many of the instant oatmeal packets are sweetened, so check the sugar content!), whole grain cereals, whole grain breads (especially that Ezekiel bread that we mentioned on Day 1), other whole grain foods, granola and vegetables (maybe you put spinach or peppers in your omelette). If you can combine these types of food to make a delicious breakfast, you shouldn’t have any problem getting your necessary daily fiber! Here are some ideas:

  • Greek yogurt with berries and granola
  • Plain oatmeal with cinnamon and a little bit of brown sugar added (by you, not the packet)
  • whole grain toast with an apple on the side
  • egg and vegetable omelette
  • whole grain cereal with berries added

Go get some delicious, fiber-filled breakfast to speed your body up, help you manage your sugar, and help you feel more full!


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