Spring Break(fast)!

Today is the first day of Spring, so for everyone on spring break right now, I decided to make my first post about…you guessed it…breakfast! Let me start off by explaining to you a little bit about what I plan to do here. I made this blog to help encourage people to live healthy lifestyles that are scientifically healthy (which is not generally what we see in magazines these days). I’m trying to spread awareness for what health really is versus what it is portrayed as in the media, so I’m starting off with the first meal of the day: breakfast!

It’s all in the name: breakfast comes from breaking the fast. When you sleep at night, you’re technically fasting, because you’re not eating anything during that time. Since your body is fasting throughout the night, your metabolism slows down, so breakfast is what gets your metabolism up and running for the day, and gives it a little bit of fuel to get it going. If you eat a good breakfast in the morning, you’ll be starting your day off with a little extra speed in your metabolism, which will help you to use the nutrients you eat for bodily processes instead of storing them as fat.

When you’re thinking about what to eat for breakfast, you’re likely thinking about eating cereal, pancakes, some toast, or maybe a waffle. It’s important to note that eating these types of sugary foods as your first meal of the day actually hurts your body. You may have heard of insulin – it’s this fun little superhero that flies around your body and picks up any extra sugar you have lying around, and the more sugar each superhero can pick up, the less superheroes you need! When you eat a sugary meal first thing in the morning, your insulin superheroes are still a little bit sleepy from the night, so you have to use a lot more insulin to get rid of all the sugar you just consumed. Think of it this way – when you first wake up in the morning, do you want to start your day off with a lot of difficult work that’s nearly impossible to accomplish, or do you prefer to start your day off a little more slowly, and do easier tasks until you’re fully woken up? You likely need some time to wake up in the morning, and so does your team of insulin superheroes! So help your body out, and eat a breakfast that has at least half a plate of vegetables and fruits, a quarter of a plate of protein (eggs, greek yogurt, oatmeal etc.), and a quarter of a plate of carbohydrates (everyone always says whole grain is better for you, but the way a lot of companies make whole grain/whole wheat products is just as processed as some of the white breads). If you want a great source of whole grain (by nature) bread, stop by the freezer aisle in your local grocery store and pick up some Ezekiel sprouted bread – it’s delicious and nutritious!


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