Spring Break(fast) Day Two!

For Day Two of Spring Break(fast), I want to talk about..COFFEE! A lot of us enjoy having our morning coffee, but the media has been telling us mixed reviews about whether coffee is good for us or bad for us. Well, I’m here to help you debunk the mystery!  

Recent research has shown that coffee actually has many positive effects on your health, and specifically your ability to deal with whatever sugar you put in your body! Remember how we talked about your insulin superhero team? Well, if your body has trouble dealing with sugar, coffee can help! People who have issues dealing with the sugar they put in their body are said to have insulin resistance, which means that their insulin superheroes can’t carry as much sugar as other people’s insulin superheroes! That can make it really hard to get rid of all the sugar we eat!

Here’s the good news: coffee can help those people! Drinking coffee helps improve insulin sensitivity, which means that the insulin superheroes can carry way more than they used to! This means that they can pick up more sugar per superhero, and less sits around in our bodies and gets turned into fat! So that cup of joe in the morning will help you to better deal with sugar throughout the day!

On top of all that good stuff, the caffeine in coffee helps to get your metabolism running faster in the morning, so that it will process everything you’re eating throughout the day and use the nutrients instead of wasting them or storing them as fat. Just don’t put too much sugar in your morning coffee – you’ll make it way harder for your insulin superheroes to do their job!

Be careful though: coffee is an appetite suppressant.This can be useful in helping control portions, but don’t forget to eat just because you had a cup of coffee in the morning! Your body still needs the nutrients from food to function properly throughout the day, and without those nutrients you’ll actually be hurting your body instead of helping! 

One more caution: coffee can cause complications for pregnant women. If you’re pregnant, talk to your doctor before consuming any caffeine, including coffee!

Everybody else: drink up!


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